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January 28, 2006  

CIR UPDATE: The Deals are Done  
It's official. The Indians have traded Coco Crisp, David Riske, and Josh Bard to the Boston Red Sox for Andy Marte, Guillmero Mota, and Kelly Shoppach. The Indians will also receive cash from the Red Sox with the initial reports indicating that the amount is in excess of $1 million given that Bud Selig had to approved the transaction. The total amount of cash received may also be to Guillermo Mota's health this year as well. Additionally, several media outlets are reporting that the Indians will (could) receive another minor leaguer as a player to be named later. And finally, as reported earlier, the Indians and Phillies completed the Arthur Rhodes for Jason Michaels swap. More in the next CIR.


January 27, 2006  

CIR UPDATE: It's Official (Almost) is reporting that the Indians and Phillies have agreed on the rumored Jason Michaels for Arthur Rhodes trade with Rhodes reportedly undergoing an exam in Philadelphia today. Of course, the fact that this is a deal is a go would strongly suggest that the Coco Crisp for Andy Marte deal is also a go. No word on that yet although does suggest that language has been added to the deal to protect the Indians should Guillermo Mota's arm fall off this season. now reports that the Indians would receive a player to be named later or cash as future considerations (likely based on Mota's health) to go along with the original Crisp, Bard, Riske for Marte, Mota, Shoppach deal.


January 25, 2006  

As a Baseball America junkie, it's difficult for me to look at a trade involving the Indians acquiring a prospect like Andy Marte and not be excited. The "WOW" factor is just too much when you're talking about a 22-year old who posts a .878 OPS in triple-A, has tremendous power, a growing command of the strike zone, and is regarded as a gifted defensive player at a position that is an organizational (and major league wide) weakness.

At the same time, however, aren't the Indians at the point in their organizational developement where they're trading prospects for players and not the other way around? Coco was a large part of last seasons run and to move him for a (highly regarded) prospect and part-time player (Jason Michaels) just doesn't seem like a move that a team transitioning into an extended contention run would make.

Coco Crisp, David Riske, Josh Bard, Arthur Rhodes for Andy Marte, Guillermo Mota, Kelly Shoppach, Jason Michaels.

Let's see what happens over the next couple of days.

I will say this, though. If the Indians can add Manny Delcarmen, he of the mid-90s fastball and "hammer" curve, into the deal, the Tribe would have a flithy pair of power arms (Fernando Cabrera the other) at the back of the 'pen for the rest of the decade.

Buster Olney notes in his ESPN Insider Blog that "Cleveland could be the landing place for Jeff Weaver, just as it was for another Boras client -- Kevin Millwood -- last year.". Despite the Indians having a full rotation, this is speculation that continues to get some play in the media from a variety of sources. Is this just Boras spin to work the best possible deal for his client or something else...

Consider this from the Cincinnati Enquirer which reports that the Indians reportedly offered Jake Westbrook to the Reds for outfielder Austin Kearns only to have it turned down by the (recently fired) Reds GM Dan O'Brien. Moving Westbrook would certainly open up a rotation spot for a potential Weaver signing while also bringing in Kearns as the right-handed power bat the Indians have long sought for the lineup.

The Indians and Reds were also reported by the Boston rags to have been in discussions on a three-way deal in which Coco would have gone to Boston, Matt Clement to the Reds, and Kearns to the Indians. The Reds reportedly turned down that deal as well. With O'Brien out of the picture and new interim GM Brad Kullman now making the calls, don't be surprised if we start to hear that talks have resumed between the two (or three) clubs.

P.S. Hello again. It's nice to be posting again, although I must say it's not easy to do so during Lost. Thanks to everyone who checked in over the past few months wondering about the future of the CIR. Without boring you with details, everyone and everything is fine. Time is just a precious commodity and free-time is something that I've had very little of for the past year or so. As we draw closer to spring training, the re-launch (if you will) of the CIR will gradually begin. As you can tell with today's somewhat abbreviated report, it's going to take some time to ramp back up to mid-season form. But that's what spring training is for, right? I'm just glad I don't have to do a warrior run at the start of camp. Thanks for checking in. As always, your support and kind words have been greatly appreciated.


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